Paris is a fascinating city filled with fabulous, amazing districts and places. It would take more than a lifetime to get to know every nook and cranny, every mystery and anecdote.
Our aim is to share with you our growing passion for the City of Light so that you can discover or revisit Paris and explore it through the articles we publish on this website.

Discovering Paris

Paris is certainly very famous as one of the global capitals of fashion and luxury, but it is also a choice destination for lovers and tourists from everywhere in the world (hotels in the Paris Île-de-France area welcomed around 32.4 million arrivals in 2015).

Known the world over for its prestigious monuments, its famous museums, goumet restaurants and breathtaking architecture, Paris remains incomparable, the place you must visit at least once in your life.

The city’s cultural and artistic life is rich, plentiful and exciting. Its captivating history has had an undeniable influence on the rest of the world.

Paris Wonder was born of our deep-rooted passion for this city with its endless mysteries. It meets a real need identified through our own experience in the tourism business:

Our innovative concept is the fruit of more than 16 years’ experience and know-how in the tourism and hotel sectors in Paris. We have learned how complex and difficult it can be for people to organise a stay in Paris from a distance, and even to find the information they are searching for about places and events not generally known to the general public.

By keeping up with our news you will be able to discover Paris and its secrets. Our website will enable you to reserve the services and products that we have selected for you and placed at your disposal.

A video by Paul Richardson: “I Love Paris – MUST SEE – PARIS FRANCE”
To illustrate what we are talking about, we offer you this magnificent video about Paris by Paul Richardson.

Direct link to the video:

This time-lapse video of two minutes and 40 seconds was made by Paul Richardson during one of his visits to Paris. He spent three weeks taking around 40,000 still shots of the French capital. It took him no less than five weeks’ work to edit this time-lapse video.
Equipment used : a Canon 6D reflex, 17-40 f4, 50mm 1.8, a 70-200 f4.

This video remarkably highlights the city’s key monuments and other parts of Paris such as La Défense.

About our articles

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You will find useful information and interesting anecdotes that take you off the beaten path and also reveal unknown or out-of-the-way facts and places to see.

A word about Paris Wonder

Paris Wonder is an online reservation website that enables you to prepare and centralise, in just a few clicks, everything you need for your tourist, romantic or business stay in Paris.

You get individual assistance, and we follow up all your orders and reservations without invoicing any additional costs whatsoever.

All our prices are those made public by the companies that supply the services, products and deliveries we offer.

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