Qualified, experienced and competent translators.

Your estimate will be sent to you without delay.
If needed, you can receive a confidentiality agreement.
Translations undergo high quality checks and verifications.
Glasses placed on a translation dictionary
Receive your estimate without delay
Proofreading, checking and quality control
These services are provided by qualified, experienced professional translators who translate into their own mother tongue.

All translations are systematically proofread carefully by a second professional translator.

A third person then checks, makes any necessary corrections and formats the text. All figures and proper names are systematically verified. A final version is then sent to you by fax or e-mail.

Each translation is personally supervised by the translation company’s manager.

The company that provides this translation service guarantees an accurate, readable and well laid out translation.

Post-translation services
After the translation, the text must be proofread, corrected and formatted to match the original presentation layout.

Whether you need business communication, web pages, brochures or PowerPoint presentations, these quality translation services are provided by professional translators on a turnkey basis.

Quality directives for translators meet the standards of ISO 9001 certification (currently being validated).

A full description of the translation process can be sent to you on request.


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