If you are organising or planning to attend one of the numerous conferences that take place in Paris or another city in France, and if you need simultaneous interpretation, this service will meet your needs and provide you with high quality interpreting skills.

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Arabic and other language combinations. Professional interpreters are placed at your disposal.

Simultaneous translation equipment on request
The process

The interpreter translates simultaneously, at the same time as the speaker delivers his speech.
This type of translation is necessary when a speaker will be making no pauses to allow an interpreter to translate.

Simultaneous interpretation is used in particular for conferences, and the speeches are generally written in advance.

If a simultaneous interpretation session lasts for more than an hour, it is usually indispensable to have a team of at least two interpreters. They work together in a booth in order to be kept isolated from background noise in the conference hall. This enables them to optimise their concentration on the speeches being made, which they listen to in their earphones.

Each interpreter translates the speaker’s text for ten to fifteen minutes into a microphone and is then relayed by the other interpreter when fatigue begins to set in.
This replacement is indispensable due to the intense concentration required by this type of work.

Professional quality services

These services are performed by experienced and competent professional interpreters.
The success of your conference or meeting also depends on the linguistic and professional skills of your interpreters.

Professional conference interpreters always translate into their mother tongue (called language A). It is rare for an interpreter to have two such mother tongues. If your conference must be simultaneously translated into two languages, it will be necessary to use two interpreters or two teams.

The interpreters can also translate back into the other language (called language B). This can prove to be the right solution if the group requiring this translation is limited in size and made up of people with some knowledge of the other speakers’ language. The interpreter may, however, be somewhat less fluent in translating from language A into language B.

Interpreters are always paid at a daily rate and not according to the number of hours they work.
They are paid if the service is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the set date.

Additional information

Transport: These interpreters can travel to any European city, and they can also make the trip with you.
You can therefore organise your transport with or without your interpreter.
For assignments located in Paris, you pay all costs of transport, meals and lodging. However, these can be included in a lump-sum quote in your estimate.

Conference rooms: a highly extensive array of international conferences and meetings is concentrated in Paris.
A very large number of fully equipped centres can therefore be found with capacity for up to 5,000 people. The variety of meeting rooms or conference halls in Paris corresponds to the demand and easily meets all possible needs in terms of capacity and configuration.

Sound equipment: the proper installation of sound equipment is also important for a successful conference with simultaneous translation. A conference generally requires specialised equipment including a booth, loudspeakers, microphones and earphones, infrared transmission and the presence of a qualified technician.

Short conferences: a special formula can be proposed for a conference of one hour or less with a limited number of people, requiring a single interpreter. In this case, specific equipment comprising wireless earphones (between 5 and 50), a radio transmitter and a technician will be sufficient to complete your specification sheet.
The interpreter sits at the back of the room and translates quietly into a microphone. Listeners hear the translation through their earphones.

Transcription: a transcription of all or part of your conference can be provided. For an extra charge, the company that provides this service can record the conference and supply a transcription. If so, the translation costs are reserved for the translator.

Please feel free to inform us about your needs. The company that provides this service will suggest possible locations or give you technical recommendations depending on the number of people, or about the equipment required, meals, coffee breaks and even hotel rooms.

Prices & Reservation policy

Reservation policy

10% of the total upon confirmation of the reservation.

80% of the total one month before the set date.

The balance immediately after performance of the service.

Additional charges: a 25% extra charge must be counted for trilingual interpreters, technical subjects or assignments outside of Paris.

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