For your stands, exhibitions and conferences

The agreeableness of capable, attractive, well dressed and multilingual hosts and hostesses will liven up your event.

They will be at the disposal of your guests, customers or visitors to give them a warm welcome and a smile.
This high quality service is designed to guide, inform and assist your visitors while promoting both your event and your brand image.

A charming hostess’s smile will direct your potential customers to your stand or professional fair, enabling you to give them information about your products or activity.

These services are performed by conscientious hosts and hostesses fully able to understand and apply all the information and instructions you give them in order to present and sell your products and services under the best conditions.

The firm that organises this service is the official provider of hosts and hostesses to a wide variety of companies and institutions, in particular the Prêt-à-Porter trade fair that is held in Paris twice a year.

Please forward to us your request for an estimate (below) regarding any event to be held in Paris or the greater Paris area. Once your estimate has been validated and the payment has been made, photos and profiles of the hosts and hostesses who will work at your event will be sent to you.

Hostess dressed in black suit


*Common languages: English, French, Spanish

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