Are you here on business? Do you wish to attend a trade fair or exhibition in Paris or elsewhere in France?
This service provides you with the assistance of a professional interpreter who will accompany you at meetings, negotiations or visits to production facilities.

English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish and many other languages. Professional interpreters are at your disposal.

Consecutive Interpretation
The process

Consecutive interpreters are generally called on to work at interviews, conference calls or small meetings. They translate what a speaker has said when he makes a pause, usually after a few sentences.

Professional skills and quality service
Additional information

Transport: These interpreters can travel to any European city, and they can also make the trip with you.
You can therefore organise your transport with or without your interpreter.
For assignments located in Paris, you pay all costs of transport, meals and lodging. However, these can be included in a lump-sum quote in your estimate.

Conference rooms: a highly extensive array of international conferences and meetings is concentrated in Paris.
A very large number of fully equipped centres can therefore be found with capacity for up to 5,000 people. The variety of meeting rooms or conference halls in Paris corresponds to the demand and easily meets all possible needs in terms of capacity and configuration.

Please feel free to inform us about your needs. The company that provides this service will suggest possible locations or give you technical recommendations depending on the number of people, about the equipment required, meals, coffee breaks and even hotel rooms.

Prices & Reservation policy

Reservation policy

This service requires full payment of your reservation as from confirmation. Your reservation cannot be definitively confirmed if the service has not been fully prepaid.

All cancellation requests must be in writing (by e-mail, fax or letter). You may cancel your reservation up to seven days prior to the date set for provision of the service. If you have observed this period of seven days before the set date, the prepaid amount can be reimbursed to you after deduction of an application and bank-transaction fee amounting to 5.9% of the total. No amount may be reimbursed after this seven-day deadline.

Common languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. An additional charge may be added for other languages.

Additional charges: a 25% extra charge must be counted for trilingual interpreters, technical subjects or assignments outside of Paris.

Extra hours: should the specified number of hours be exceeded, extra hours will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis.

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