Take advantage of assistance focused on your needs and provided by a team of professionals, all members of the Paris tourist office, in order to find customers, prospects or suppliers in Paris that correspond exactly to your search criteria.

You can also delegate the entire organisation of your business appointments.

From prospecting to assistance at your meetings, this service enables you to prepare for your business meetings in the best possible way before you arrive in Paris.

Business men and women at a business appointment
Make your business stay easy to prepare

We realise how difficult it is to organise a business trip from a distance in order to secure a new customer or supplier.

The best way to clinch a deal and sign a contract is to meet the other party in person. This service provides personalised assistance: we work alongside you to create the best possible conditions and circumstances for your business appointment.

A targeted search will enable you to carry out exhaustive prospection for suppliers or prospective customers that meet your criteria and preferences.

You can also delegate the organisation of your business stay and all your meetings.
Your hotel room, meeting room, interpreter, various kinds of transport, etc.

This service is suitable for a four or five day stay.
The prospection carried out corresponds exactly to what you are looking for.
A minimum of three or four appointments per day can be organised.

Your business appointments

Searches and prospection begin at least one month prior to your arrival.

Once you arrive in Paris, you will be taken to your appointments, and you can benefit from the services of a qualified interpreter (four or eight hours per day). A broad range of combined languages will be at your disposal.

Depending on the estimate you choose, this service can guarantee a minimum of three or four appointments per day with competent people who correspond to your criteria.

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