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Why Paris?
Our concept was born of our own true passion for this city with its unparalleled beauty and architecture. As the capital of artistic creation, fashion and luxury, Paris offers you a vibrant culture, an amazing variety of restaurants, a richly storied history, unique refinement and charm. It is a cornucopia pouring out an impressive wealth of unexpected treasures.

With its tours and visits, activities and recreation, romantic surprises and original ideas, Paris Wonder gives you a chance to discover and enjoy this multi-faceted city.

 Our Selections:
Our aim is to help you organise your tourist and/or business stay by providing selections of tours and visits, leisure and recreational activities and other services that will inspire you. Choose one of our romantic surprises and amaze your loved one with its elegance and inventiveness.

Paris Wonder is constantly developing, and we ceaselessly pursue our search for the exceptional, for the right choice to offer you. You can count on the quality, professionalism and originality of the options we make available to you. Painstaking research has gone into them, and they meet our strict upmarket criteria.

Whether your stay in Paris is for sightseeing purposes, romance or business, you put its components together online while we pledge to offer you exciting, original, and high-quality offers.

 Our Prices:
An important point: the prices of our services, products and deliveries as shown on our website are those made public by our suppliers, and Paris Wonder does not invoice any additional costs. All your payments are made directly to the companies that supply these services, either in advance when you reserve on our website or directly in the supplier’s premises. Each payment is made in accordance with the supplier’s general conditions of sale, which are clearly shown on our website when you make your reservations.
 Your Reservations:
Our interface enables you to reserve, at one time and in just a few clicks, a wide variety of services and products from various companies. Once you have entered your reservations, you do not need to check to see that they have been duly recorded and confirmed. Paris Wonder centralises all your reservations and sends you a recap including all the details and full statements of payments made: we monitor your order from start to finish.

“Paris is an ocean. Throw in the plummet, you will never reach bottom.”

Honoré de Balzac

A new way of discovering Paris and its surroundings

Paris is a fascinating city filled with fabulous, amazing districts and places. It would take more than a lifetime to get to know every nook and cranny, every mystery and anecdote.
Our aim is to share with you our growing passion for the City of Light so that you can discover or revisit Paris and explore it through the articles we publish on our website.

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